Organic vs. Conventional Food and Farming

Conventional Cons

            One disadvantage of conventional food is pesticide use in agriculture. Pesticides drive away 

bugs; which increase product outcome, yet some pesticides leave harmful residues on the crops. 

Also, pesticides kill the beneficial bugs such as, ladybugs and bees, which help carry pollen. 

( Another select disadvantage of conventional farming is the concern of too many 

nitrates in ground water. When fertilizers are used in soil, the nitrates from the fertilizer are able to sink into the ground and 

contaminate the ground water. Higher levels of nitrates can cause a rise in blood pressure and other dangerous symptoms. 

( Finally, when pesticides are applied to fruits of vegetables, the insects, good or bad, begin to develop an 

immunity for the pesticide which is applied.

Banner Images

Left- Truck spraying pesticides on crops 

Middle- A man spraying pesticides on a weed

Right- Truck spraying pesticides on crops