Organic vs. Conventional Food and Farming

Conventional Pros

             According to the supporters of conventional food, conventional food can be a better 

decision in many ways as well. One-way conventional food is a good decision is because it is a 

more well known type of farming. Conventional food is more popular because it is better known 

and there are more then three times more farms which farm conventionally and stores which carry 

conventional items. ( A second way conventional food is a good choice is that it is cheaper. Often 

conventional fruits, vegetables, and even drinks are cheaper then organic fruits, vegetables, and drinks. ( This 

is usually because when pesticides are used on crops bugs cannot eat them, this mean that more of that product will survive. 

This results in more of that crop, which makes the price drop. ( A third and final reason conventional food is a 

good decision is because conventional food has much better shelf life then organic food.  Conventional food also has better 

shelf life because many of the pesticides, such as biopesticides, are commonly used in conventional farming and also serve 

as preservatives. ( This can be a good thing because a product can be kept in your refrigerator longer 

then almost all organic products. (