Organic vs. Conventional Food and Farming

                                            Organic Cons

Though organically grown foods have advantages, they also have disadvantages. One 

disadvantage of organic farming is that the crops are not protected from pests. Organic 

products can have 75% less outcome product because they do not use . (Alverez 7) In 

addition, Mycotoxins can be contracted from humid weather when the proper pesticide is not 

sprayed on the crops; these mycotoxins are a toxic mold. (Alverez 7) A second disadvantage 

of organic farming is the use of natural pesticides. There are over 40 natural pesticides that organic farmers are 

allowed to use. When left on plants that are not washed can cause sicknesses.(Alverez 7) Moreover, another 

disadvantage of organic farming is composting and fertilizers.  A type of fertilizer, which is used in organic, 

farming, constantly is composting. Composting must happen at an exact time, at an exact temperature for the 

bacteria to slightly diminish. (Alverez 7) More importantly, natural fertilizers increase the fear of E. coli in the 

general public because of manure. (Alverez Louis 7) Fertilizers may also kill helpful bugs, such as ladybugs. 

(Alverez 7)